Imperial Primer

The Empire of Cascara

Our great Empire consists of the Five Kingdoms: Grendmyre, Ashtilund, Cardona, Lumaria, and Mul Thurak. Each vassal kingdom’s ruler has sworn an oath of fealty to His Royal and Imperial Majesty, High King Adonis Harkon. This is how Empires are forged.

The Kingdom of Grendmyre is the seat of the Empire. Grendmyre is the largest of all the kingdoms in the empire. It is divided in two parts by the great river “Torenge”, into Upper (northern) and Lower (southern) Grendmyre. The largest city also serves at the capitol – the great city of Cassholm! The Imperial Palace is there, as is the Royal Library Æthenaion. The High King Adonis Harkon sits upon the Throne of Virtue and rules over the empire with his Queen, Bravella Harkon. The High King and Queen and both human and enjoy the love of all their subjects.

The Kingdom of Ashtilund is ruled by Queen Thessa Scorlain, in her capital city of Inburgh. She is human and is an accomplished diplomat. Her Royal Consort Calladra Festern is also her Royal Advisor. Calladra is a Mystic Wood Elf and ensures that the kingdom’s commerce and trade are running smoothly.

The Kingdom of Cardona is ruled by King Rath and Queen Callistra Vinvictis from their capital city of Dalencia. Because of the proximity to the Blackland and Uat-Menall, the kingdom has seen more than its share of war and death. The city of Daern Idris seems to be a battleground. It is a frontier city which is defended by the nearby military forces at Fort Ganther. Lord Nath Kelenwulf, Knight Commander of Ganther commands the knights there. There are often monthly Market Fairs with draw Highborn from all over Cascara and beyond.

Lumaria is Kingdom of the Elves. The Aran (King) Locien Vandel and the Tari (Queen) Miirwen Vandel rule the kingdom from Bel Firnath. This area is within the Amanest Forest (which translates to "The Near-place"). Within the Kingdom of Lumaria are many principalities. Bel Gevneren is the area controlled by the Wild Elves and is ruled by the Vir-Aran (prince) T'sealis. Bel Tradisin is the area controlled by the Mystic Wood Elves and is ruled by the Vir-Tari (princess) Namir Frelandri. Sapiunt is the area controlled by the Stone Elves. They have but one city high atop the Mt. Egregius. They are rarely seen and they study in solitude and silence.

Kingdom of Mul Thurak is the homeland of the Dwarves. Located in the Iapetan Mountains, it is ruled by the Thane (King) Harrith Urenglaive and the Kaiserin (Queen) Glenwuri Urenglaive from Kermoria, which is the main hold and seat of the kingdom.

Society of the Empire

HUMANS - The humans are everywhere. They control three separate kingdoms within the Empire: Grendmyre, Cardona, and Ashtilund. Humans tend to tolerate all races and their kingdoms are well diversified. They are the movers and shakers in the Empire of Cascara and tend to get involved in everything, seeking their fortune in every way imaginable. 

ELVES - The elves can be found mostly within their Kingdom, Lumaria. The elves believe in quality over quantity. They invest a lot of time and effort into everything they do. They live much longer than humans and as such they are not rushed to get things done. This shows in their attitudes and interactions with other races. There is often arrogance in their tone. Some believe that they should be the leaders of the Empire and not the Humans. The three wars lost to the elven people speak otherwise however.

DWARVES - The dwarves live and work deep within the Iapetan Mountains. Theirs is the Kingdom of Mul Thurak. Kermoria is the main dwarven hold and they have many underground holds in the region, but all are ruled by the Thane. Once the Dark Dwarves had held their own Kingdom called Baz Urdaxx, but they are no longer a separate people. They were welcomed as brothers into the dwarven society when Baz Urdaxx was destroyed and they are now one people. The Dark Dwarves tend to work deeper in the mines than do the other dwarves.