The Sovereign Nations


Kingdom of Vendegal  lies beneath Lumaria itself with the underground area called "The Nether". The Dark Elves (Drae, Vorne, Vornedhel) are the rulers of this kingdom. The Dark Elves are very secretive and keep to themselves. There are many individual territories within the Vendegal, yet most seem to follow the Daimyo Torikku.

The Barbarians are nomads and call the area south of Cardona their homeland – we call this region the Sanguine Steppes. They are made up of several tribes, each having a different outlook and way of life. The most powerful of the Barbarians is the Clan of the Wolf - a hoard of roaming Barbarians that take what they need through attacks against weak cities and villages. They are cunning and ruthless warriors, pillaging and leaving destruction in their wake.

Myrrazad lies still further south beyond the Sanguine Steppes, in the desert region. Here is where the Sarr have laid claim. They are a sovereign kingdom. The largest city being Alcazar, which is also the capital. Myrrazad is ruled by the Sultana (Queen) Wasret, a Black Panther Sarr. The Sarr are the only animal-race native to the region. Other bestial races such as the Biata (a bird-like people) and other "Scavenger" races (a menagerie of other animal types) are not true natives and only appeared after ER 612.

The Kurux Freehold is a series of small city-states which are sworn to no king. Each estate is its own region and its leader serves on the Council of Minds. They each aid one another in times of conflict. They try and avoid the watchful eyes of the other nearby nations.

Arak’Thrall is the homeland region of the Orc, Ogre, Troll and Goblin races. The area is in constant turmoil and these races fight amongst themselves. "Half-Orcs" and "Half-Ogres" were previously unknown in the region and are not native. They don’t believe in “half” races and instead those non-native cousins are always referred to as full-blooded members.

Rolshan’ger is the dreaded nation of the Giant races. Potent creatures with great strength and powers to make even the most seasoned warriors cringe.

The Elysian Shimmerhold is the domain of the Fae. Their Kingdom is divided into Summer (Seelie) and Winter (Unseelie) courts. These are not fun and happy creatures. They can do such things to trespassers as to make them long for the release of death. Best avoided.

The Ketumrul. Also called “the red evles”. They are a bloodthirsty people. They are not barbarians, but something even more primitive and savage. They never speak and even their strange magic works without a sound from their mouth. There is a fire that burns within them. Little else is known.

Uat-Menall is a dark stain upon the land. It is also called the "Necrotic Waste". Uat-Manall is the Kingdom of Death and home to Phasthuul, Master of Torment. This more than just an "area of undead" it is a hopeless place filled with all manner of twisted creatures, not all of which are undead, nor which could ever have said to be alive at all. The area between Uat-Menall and the rest of the land is an area called the "Blackland". What little that grows there are twisted versions of themselves.