Common Questions

Here is a list of some of the most Commonly Asked Questions we get:

What is a LARP?

LARP is an acronym which stands for Live Action Role-Playing. Sometimes this is written as LRP which means the exact same thing.

What is Role-Playing?

Dust off the cobwebs in your mind. Remember when you were a child and you played games like cops and robbers? You were role-playing! Your young mind allowed you to “pretend” to be someone else from another time and place. In NERO you create a persona and play pretend. Because we’re older we can take the care to really get into the roles we choose. It’s a lot like improvisation theater – you are a character in a make-believe fantasy world where magic exists and monsters lurk in the darkness. You decide what you character does and how they behave.

What do you mean “Live Action”?

This means that you actually portray your character and their actions. You’re not sitting around a table rolling dice or in front of a computer screen killing monsters, you are actually moving around talking to people in real life and physically doing the things your character does.

Is NERO safe?

Absolutely! All combat is conducted with padded weapons and cloth packets willed with birdseed which represent hurled spells. Our events are no more dangerous than hiking in the woods or playing a game of touch football. No one has ever been seriously injured as a result of NERO combat. There is always the possibility of injury, but we have made it as safe as is possible.

Age Requirement

There is a minimum age requirement in order to participate in the game at NERO Highborn. See our Policy Page for the full details. 

When did NERO get started?

Originally, NERO got its start in mid 80’s in New England (as the name suggests). A game store owner named Ford Ivey and a few of his friends began running games out of his store. The games progressed and the rules developed over the years into what we have now. NERO officially came into existence in 1989. Today there are many chapters running campaigns in nearly every state in the US, Canada, and around the world.

Is there story and plot?

You bet there is! The story is continuous and fluid because the players decide how things are handled. The plot team prepares the event and presents the players with opportunities. The players decided how to handle a situation (or if to handle it at all). The story is runs nonstop from one event to the next. Some stories involve combat and some don’t; requiring a puzzle to be solved or some other task to be performed. You can play the same character from one event to the next – you’ll become familiar with important figures, gain treasure and magic items to aid you, and interact with other players also participating in the game.

How does melee combat work?

Combat is done with approved NERO weapons only. Weapons are constructed from PVC pipe and foam pipe insulation which is then covered with duct-tape. Players are also allowed to purchase approved latex weapons for use in the game. Each weapon does a specific amount of damage which you can increase as you gain experience points. Each player also has “hit points” which represent armor and body points. When you swing your weapon, you announce to your opponent the damage you’re dealing if the weapon hits them “2 normal!” If the hit is successful, they must subtract the amount you stated from their totals (armor first, then body points). When they are out of body points they fall to the ground and are “dying”.

Tell me about “magic spells”

In the fantasy world of Tyrra (the NERO game world), some characters are able to hurl spells at their opponents. These spells are represented by cloth packets filled with birdseed. The player must recite the verbal incant for the spell (“With mystic force I pin you!”) and throw the packet at their target. If it hits them, and the target has no defense against the spell, the target must take the effect (in this case, their right foot becomes PINNED to the ground and they may not lift it). If you miss with your spell, nothing happens – however the spell is still used up (you'll get it back, don't worry).

What skills can my character have?

NERO has a wide range of skills – from combat skills like Weapon Proficiencies, which let you deal more damage with your weapon, to Alchemy which lets you work with poisons, to magical spells, to production creation skills like Create Potion and Smithing – and a variety of other skills too like Disarm Traps. You decide what skills your character learns and spend your Build Points on those skills.

What are Experience Points?

Experience Points (XP) are automatically given to you character each event you attend. The number of XP you get depends on your current character level (your total Build Points to be precise). Each event day that you attend gets you XP equal to HALF the number of Build Points your character has. You can “max-out” by paying the other HALF in coin; this is called an Event Blanket. Experience Points are in turn translated into Build Points, which are then used to buy more skills. The rate of transference is dependent upon your character level (there is a set rate).

What kind of costume do I need?

Your costume can be anything that “looks” in-period for a medieval era. You don’t have to spend 100’s of dollars on a costume, but you should make an attempt to look good. No blue jeans, t-shirts and sunglasses. There are lots of places online that you can get cheap renaissance clothing. Remember NO REAL WEAPONS are permitted!

Can I be a monster?

If you want to be a monster, then we have a job for you! You can be an NPC (non-player character). You get to play each event that you NPC full-time at for FREE and the XP still goes to your character. NPCs are under the control of the plot team – they will tell you what to do and give you all the information required to play your character or monster. You might be a wandering merchant, a farmer looking for help against goblins, or even an evil goblin looking to steal that farmer’s cow. The point is that you are given a role to fill and it is your job to help entertain the other players at the event. You’ll have plenty to do and have a great time doing it!

What about religion?

It’s true that in real-life, religion played a huge role in medieval times and history in general. However, there is no religion at all in the NERO game – no gods, demons or angels. This is because we wish to avoid the conflicts that religion brings and we also don’t want to offend the beliefs of others. Players are not allowed to create their own religions either. Recognizable religious symbols are also not allowed in the game.

How do I get a NERO Rulebook? 

You can download a free PDF version of the NERO 9th edition Rulebook HERE. This is the rulebook we use.
You will also need the Racial Skills Update (replaces Racial Skills in the 9th Edition Rulebook).

If you want a hard copy of the rulebook, you can get those from us at an event.

What's in the Rulebook?

The NERO Rulebook contains over a hundred pages of useful information on how to play the NERO game, create a character, all the races, classes, and skills. There is a lot to know, but don’t worry about making mistakes with your character, you can get help from our friendly staff or make changes to your character once you figure out what you like and don’t like. The rulebook also contains other information like how to make a weapon, as well as articles on how to be a successful player. Don’t worry about needing to memorize the rules; that will come in time and with experience – your experience as a player. If you get stuck simply stop and ask someone “hey, what does that do again?” and they will be happy to tell you.

How do I join NERO?

Click on the above link and find out! 

Check out the NERO International Website for more information and locations of other NERO Chapters in your area!