Character Races

When you make a character, you get to choose what race you want to go along with your character's skills and background. Humans tend to be the most common because there is no makeup involved. Each of the following races has its unique role-playing and other quirks which are interesting and diverse. Whatever you choose is great, but be sure to pull it off with the right makeup and role-playing!

The NERO Racial Changes Play-test are in effect. Read the document which will give you all the details on Racial Traits and Racial Features that have changed from the NERO Rulebook 9th edition.


Barbarians come from the vast uncivilized regions of the continent and are unused to "civilized" society. Barbarians have a dislike for celestial magics, they will not voluntarily adventure with a mage or allow celestial spells to be cast on them. Barbarians have the Strong and Wild Racial Traits and have the Racial Feature 2-Handed Weapon Mastery.


Biata are rumored to be descended from a northern barbarian tribe, but they do not act like barbarians. They have large, upturned feathery eyebrows and often grow feathers in their hair and claws on their fingers as well. Biata tend to be very "lawful" in their philosophy of life -- they tend to be very good or very evil, but always with a purpose. They distrust celestial magic as do barbarians and dislike having celestial spells cast upon them. Biata have the Willful and Telepathic Racial Traits and have the Racial Feature Mentalist.


Drae are dark elves, a mysterious race that mostly lives under ground, shunning sunlight. They have jet black skin, white or silver hair, and pointed ears. Drae have the Fast and Willful Racial Traits and have the Racial Feature Crossbow Mastery.


Dwarves are sturdy individuals who live in mountainous regions. Dwarves have the Tough and Tradesman Racial Traits and have the Racial Feature Hammer Mastery.


Elves are long-lived people with pointed ears. Elves have the Fast and Willful Racial Traits and have the Racial Feature Bow Mastery.


Gypsies are a group of wandering human nomads who have specific abilities. Gypsies have the Survivor and Tradesman Racial Traits and have the Racial Feature Gypsy Curse.

Half Ogre

Half Ogres are actually not human/ogre hybrids, but are a race that closely resembles ogres in coloration and behavior. They are tougher than average and have yellow skin. Half Ogres have the Strong and Tough Racial Traits and have the Racial Feature 2-Handed Weapon Mastery.


Hoblings are peaceful people. They have furry feet and hands, as well as bushy eyebrows and sideburns. Hoblings have the Fast and Tough Racial Traits and have the Racial Feature Short Weapon Mastery.


Humans are the most common race in the lands of Avalon. They have round ears and hair on their heads (usually). They sometimes have beards and mustaches. They vary considerably in size, with males usually being larger than females. They also vary considerably in color, ranging from very pale to very dark. They can be very war-like or peaceful. They are, in other words, very unpredictable. Humans get the choice of any one Racial Trait (FastStrongSurvivorTelepathicToughTradesmanWild, or Willful) but do not have a Racial Feature.

Mystic Wood Elf

Mystic Wood Elves are a strange race of creatures originally from the mystic wood in Northern Evendarr. The word elf in their name is somewhat of a misnomer, as they are not actually elves. Mystic Wood Elves have the Willful and Tradesman Racial Traits and have the Racial Feature Break Charm.

Half Orc

Half Orcs are tougher than average. They have green skin and large lower canine teeth. Half Orcs have the Strong and Wild Racial Traits and have the Racial Feature Axe Mastery.


Sarr are a race of felinoids. Sarr must wear makeup to appear as one of the large hunting cats. Sarr have the Fast and Survivor Racial Traits and have the Racial Feature Claw Mastery.


Scavenger is a generic term used for any type not covered by other races. They are humanoids with animal like characteristics (rat, badger, skunk, dog, etc.). Players are free to use their imagination in creating a Scavenger as long as makeup is worn and it is obvious that the player is not playing another race. All Scavengers are very hardy survivors on the fringe of civilization. Scavengers have the Tough and Survivor Racial Traits and have the Racial Feature Claw Mastery.

Wild Elf

Wild Elves live in nomadic tribes much like barbarians. Wild Elves, like other Elves, have pointed ears, but are distinguished by their furs and other primitave clothing. Wild Elves have the Fast and Wild Racial Traits and have the Racial Feature Bow Mastery.

You can download a full copy of the Racial Changes Play-test document which will give you all the details on Racial Traits and Racial Features.