Out-of-Game Player Resources

Here you will find the out-of-game player resources used in the NERO Highborn game. We want to make sure the players have all the information available to them so that they know what to expect when they play here. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


NERO Highborn Legal & Medical Release Waiver Form
(Print and bring with you - REQUIRED)

Camp Site Information

Map-Camp Tuckabatchee 1 - This is a large map of the camp and trails. 150 acres of land
Map-Camp Tuckabatchee 2 - This is a map of the immediate camp with buildings
Camp Tuckabatchee Address: 1973 North 35th Road, Ottawa, IL 61350


Core Rules

NERO 9th Edition Rulebook (v3 Free PDF)
NERO Skills Charts and Tables (quick reference sheet)
NERO 9th Edition Errata (update to v3)
NERO 9th Edition Addendum (v4)
NERO Racial Skills Update (replaces all racial skills in core rulebook)
NERO Formal Magic System (includes Cantrips)
NERO Generic Formal Magic Component Numbers
NERO Universal Evaluate Item System (in-use, but will not be posted) - use with the Evaluate Item skill

Play-test Rules

NERO Foam Weapon Playtest v1.1 - Addition bonus damage for latex and plastidip sculpted weapons


General Player Aids

Crafting Production Form - Alchemy, Create Potion, Create Scroll, Create Trap, Smithing
NERO Shield Template - Complete measurements for legal shield sizes
Battle Boards (standard) - Celestial • Earth • Racial Abilities • Per-day Skills • Cantrips • Magic Items
Spell Tags (optional) - Celestial • Earth • Racial Abilities • Per-day Skills • Cantrips • Magic Items


NERO Highborn Supplements

Formal Magic Draw System 2.0
Highborn - Formal Magic Scroll Crafting 1.22
Highborn - Summon & Create Lists 1.0
Highborn - Golem System 1.2

NERO Files Archive

The files listed below are from older editions of NERO. They are presented here as an archive of information only. We do not use any of these files or systems and they have no impact on the modern game.

NERO Ritual Magic System (1993)

Nature Magic (1996) - Original Submission email to NERO National (1996). This includes other items about NERO Colorado play-tests as well. Originally sent to NERO Midwest staff about the forthcoming system written by James Adams of NERO Colorado.

NERO Nature Magic 4.1 (2012)
NERO Nature Magic Cantrips 3.0 (2012)
NERO Nature Formal Magic 3.1 (2012)
Special Metal: Mithril 3.1 - discontinued 2015
Research Library System 1.1 - discontinued 2016