Rules Addendum

Download the NERO 9th Edition Errata (update to v3).

Official NERO Rulings to 9th Edition

Error Correction - Formal Magic

Bane/Cloak - The Formal Magic Chart (page 13-16) shows them as not scroll specific. Bane and Cloak are both scroll specific.

Destroy Magic, Lesser - The Formal Magic Chart (page 13-16) says there is no earth version available. Destroy Magic Lesser is Celestial and Earth.

Arcane Armor - The Formal Magic Chart (page 13-16) says there is not an earth version available. Arcane Armor is both Celestial and Earth.

Change Race - The Formal Magic Chart (page 13-16) says there is no version available to any school (not celestial or earth). Change Race is available to Earth.

Create Minor Undead – On page 13 it shows a Celestial version. All create undead are Earth only.

Create <type> Golem – All create golem scrolls are Celestial only.

Error Correction – Spells

On page 63, Table 5-2, Lightning Storm may be made into a scroll.

On page 67, Awaken should also include the effects Charm and Charm Animal.

On page 81, Taint Blood can be made into a Potion.

On page 81, Unparalyze can be made into a Potion.

On page 82, Weakness can be made into a Potion.

Error Correction – Alchemy

On page 118, Paranoia - The correct Duration is 5 minutes (not 1 hour).

Official NERO Highborn Rulings


Touch-cast spells that were refused are also regained with Meditation. They count as "missed".


Healing Pool and Defiling Pool may be refused by the recipient just like any other touch-cast effect.

Conversational Combat

NERO Highborn does not use Conversational Combat; you must announce your damage with each weapon swing. This is a change from the NERO Rulebook 9th edition on page 89.

Arcane Armor Clarification (9th Ed.)

This Formal Magic may only target “an item which must be a piece of armor”. This does not mean a piece of a piece of armor such as a single ring of a chain shirt. It means a single piece of armor such as a bracer, or a helmet, etc. A piece of armor that can be crafted using the Smithing skill.

Multiple Arcane Armor items worn this way will still only afford 10-points of armor protection maximum at any given time (even though they can be stacked together). If a character has two (or more) Arcane Armor items that each offer 10-points of protection and they are hit for 15 points of damage, 10 points is applied to the first Arcane Armor item (or 10pt set) and the remaining 5 points get through to the Body Points of the character (see Protective Hierarchy chart on page 87). Then any additional Arcane Armor item(s) (or 10pt set) that still has points left will immediately protect the character against the next hit they take,  max of 10-points of armor protection. The first “set” was reduced to zero points, therefore has a lesser value (being zero) and any remaining higher value Arcane Armor takes precedence if there is a conflict (because they stack together).

The damage is not moved from one Arcane Armor item to the next Arcane Armor item until all the damage dealt to you is soaked up. You only get 10 points of armor protection maximum at any given time and any remaining damage suffered above that maximum gets through to your character. This damage happens before any other Arcane Armor items can provide any protection against the next attack.

General Clarifications

Item Phys-Reps

Each tagged item your character is carrying must have a phys-rep. This includes potions, alchemy, magic items, weapons, armor, traps, catrip tomes, or anything else that has a tag.

Mind Effect Restrictions

NERO Rulebook 9th Edition, p.115

A chapter may, at their option, restrict the use of the following effects: Enslavement, Forget-It-Well, and Forget-Me-Not. The chapter may restrict these effects in one of two ways. They can choose these effects to be void and unusable in their chapter, or they may opt to allow their usage only against NPCs.

NERO Highborn does not restrict the use of these poisons or effects.


NERO Rulebook 9th Edition, p.117

Enslavement is a powerful ability which particularly has the potential to ruin the fun of any player. As such the use of this effect can never be used by a PC on a PC.

This is a reminder that no player character may ever be enslaved to another player character in any way, regardless of chapter of origin.

Read and Write

Characters may still use Read and Write while concentrating or if some effect states that they cannot use any in-game skills; this will not disrupt those effects. Showing someone a sign that reads “If you can read this you lose” will not cause any in-game effect. Read and Write is considered an ability for these purposes and not a “skill” in this chapter (Read Magic is still a skill however). If you are Tainted or otherwise lose all game-skills, you can still Read and Write.

Destroy Undead

NERO Rulebook 9th Edition, p.72

This spell will destroy any one lesser undead creature. Greater undead will take 70 points of body damage. This spell will not affect a living target, although like all spells it will remove a living person’s Shield Magic or Reflect Magic.

A reminder to PCs and NPCs alike that this spell instantly destroys any Lesser Undead it hits. Greater Undead will take 70 points of damage from this spell. However, just because the damage amount in the verbal of this spell is 70, does not mean lesser undead with over 70 body points are okay to remain up; lesser undead are instantly destroyed it’s that simple. 

Carrying the Incapacitated

NERO Rulebook 9th Edition, p.23

If a packet, weapon, or other game effect strikes you or the body being carried, you must drop the body. You may pick it up again once it stops moving. The effect is applied to whomever it hit, following all normal NERO rules.

This is often misplayed. While carrying an incapacitated person, they are your possession however you are not affected by spells or weapon hits that strike that target. If they are hit, you must drop them, that’s all. The effect or damage is applied to the target, which must still make valid calls to acknowledge the effect/damage (got it, no effect, etc.). You may not carry the person again until they have stopped moving after being dropped.

In NERO Highborn we specify that a character must have both hands completely free to “pick up” an incapacitated person, unless they have an Endow or a Strength bonus. Picking up someone requires a 3-seconds of role-playing. You cannot “kick” or “shove” someone to move them.

If an incapacitated person was dropped because they took some kind of effect, they cannot be picked up by anyone for 5-seconds (per Fumble).


This is the practice of pretending to be dead to fool your enemies into not attacking you when you are actually still alive and able to act. 

If you are going to Possum, you cannot say “I’m down” when you fall down but are not “dying”. This is because of game-mechanic constraints on how other players out-of-game know you're dead or dying versus how in-game characters would see the same situation. In-game it would be easy to see a gaping wound that cut someone down. There are no visual clues in the real world, so the NPCs must be able to take your word that you are down if you say you are. In addition, if you are going to Possum you must actually “play dead” not just stop moving and take a knee, you must fall over and lay on the ground (if it is reasonable to do so). Players that are repeatedly warned against this will get a reprimand.


NERO Formal Magic 9th Edition, p.57

The components must be identifiable by the chapter which they are used in at the time of the casting, and they may not be SR components.

We accept all Unrestricted cantrip tomes from any chapter.

NERO Formal Magic 9th Edition, p.57

The statement “dies and requires a life spell” refers to any time the character is dead whether they receive a life spell or not, resurrect, regenerate, revives through a manner other than a life spell, or is not affected by life.

When you die all active cantrips immediately end unless they specifically state otherwise.

Contingency Life is not a spell defense! Before the conditions of the trigger state can be fulfilled, you must first be dead. This means the player must stop moving and fall down before the trigger conditions can be met. Running away and getting hit in the back with a Death spell and yelling "Contingency Life" while you continue to run is not acceptable.

“Physical” effects (redesigned in 9th edition)

NERO Rulebook 9th Edition, p.90

Physical <spell name or effect> - Effects delivered as physical will be stopped by a Magic Armor spell and can be stopped by a Parry. These effects are removed by a Remove Physical.

NERO 9th Edition changed how “physical” effects work. Physical effects CANNOT be “cut free” from and Alchemical Solvent WILL NOT free someone from the effects. If the Physical effect duplicates an existing spell effect, the method for removing the spell will also remove this effect. For example you CAN still “rip free” from a Pin effect with an Endow, Delayed Endow, or Strength bonus. The new Remove Physical Affliction spell is specifically designed to get rid of all “Physical” lasting effects active on a target. Physical is blocked by a Resist Physical, Magic Armor, Parry, Dodge, or Phase.

“Lesser” effects (new for 9th edition)

NERO Rulebook 9th Edition, p.91

Some NPCs will be able to deliver “Lesser” versions of attacks. The word “Lesser” is used as the first word in a verbal and indicates that the following effect will only last 10 seconds if it normally has a duration greater than instant. If the duration is instant then Lesser is meaningless. For example, a ghoul calls “Lesser Poison Paralyze” and throws a packet at Steve. Steve, lacking any defense to prevent it taking effect, is now Paralyzed for 10 seconds.

NERO 9th Edition added the standard effect LESSER. It lasts 10 seconds and then automatically ends without the player needing to take any action. The effect is also removed normally before then by anything that would remove the effect of the standard version of the effect.
Counterfeit Game Items (cheating)

Players are not allowed to forge their own item tags, coin, magic item tags, or other such in-game items. Counterfeiting is a serious offence and any player caught will immediately have those items confiscated and will be banned from NERO Highborn. They will also be reported to NERO International for investigation and further disciplinary action. This policy is in place to protect and preserve the legitimacy of properly issued and legally created treasure.